Walter Benjamin, a short history of photography

For those of you with an interest in the historical pedigree of photography, it is unlikely that the name Walter Benjamin will have escaped your attention.
I have documented some points about Walter’s life that provide a snapshot of a Marxist refugee fleeing the Nazis, who’s views on Mechanical Reproduction were simply a century ahead of its time. Surely he prophesied the age of the digital camera. There are lessons that we can learn from him. His research on photographers like August Sander will take you on journey of portrait photography that might change the way you take portraits forever!

A five minute read that will make you think,
have a look…..

Photographers – don’t turn your back on the past….

If you’ve decided to go down the digital route for your inspired photography, you are swimming in a sea of hundreds of millions of other photographers doing much the same thing. I heard an amazing stat recently,

More photos have been taken (and published) in the past 12 months, than the total number ever taken since photography started!

So how can you make your images differ, be of better quality, how do you stand out? I don’t think that you will find your answer in photoshop, it is only another tool in your photography toolbox. You need to consider what is going to be recorded on your digital sensor at the back of the camera, and you can only do that by controlling what is passing through the lens…

The answer is in the past. Would you like to know how? Improve your images here…